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Tools & Equipment
Digital multimeter Digital insulation tester
Earth tester Digital AC/DC clamp meter
High voltage insulation tester Phase indicator with open phase checker
Digital stop watch 3-phase & motor rotation tester
Digital RCD (ELCB) tester Digital tachometer
Torque wrench Lux meter
Digital vibration meter Cable fault locator
Smoke detector tester Elcometer (galvanizing coating thickness meter)
Metal Analyzer    
Tripple output DC power supply Vernier caliper
Decade resistance box External & Internal micrometer
Digital thermometer Digital pressure calibrator
Dead weight tester Jofra multiloop calibrator
Digital stop watch Fluke loop calibrator
Documenting process calibrator Thermo-hydro graph (humidity & temp. recorder)
Brain termina Smart field communicator
Temperature calibrator bath Multifunction process calibrator
Hydraulic swaging unit Druck pressure calibrator
Label & sign marker DC generator
Pulse checker Tube marker
Mini temp thermometer laser type 4-20mA current simulator