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/backgrounds/butt_arrowb.gif WORLDWIDE MATERIAL PROCUREMENT
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/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Cable Support System
• Cable ladder tray, perforated tray, trunking, ducting & misc fittings, materials in stainless steel, aluminum, hot dipped galvanized (HDG), GRP, etc.
• Rigid conduits NPT threaded in aluminum and HDG
• Flexible conduit, PVC conduit, liquid tight flexible metal conduit
• Corrugated hard polyethylene pipe, uPVC pipe and fittings for underground cable
• Unistrut, steel angle bar, steel flat bar, steel channel
• U-bolt & nut, hex bolt, nut, flat & spring washer – SS304, SS316, high tensile, HDG, hold-in-anchor, anchor  bolt, etc
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Wiring Materials
Cable glands, cable lug, cable ties and cable marking system, etc
• MCT frame, MCT block, lubricant and accessories
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Earthing & lightning system materials
Inspection pit, earthing rod, exothermic welding powder, copper bar, etc

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