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/backgrounds/butt_arrowb.gif WORLDWIDE MATERIAL PROCUREMENT
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/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Lighting fixture – HPS fittings, mercury fittings, fluorescent fittings and with emergency battery, HPS lamps, fluorescent       lamp, etc
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Receptacle – welding outlet & plug, receptacle outlet & plug, etc
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Lighting switch
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Local control station or remote control station
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Square junction box for lighting fitting and receptacle
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Aircraft warning system
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Lighting panel, emergency lighting panel, receptacle panel
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Cable termination materials – HV cable termination kit, HV cable splicing kit
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Lighting pole HDG - street lighting, stanchion type, bracket type, ceiling mount type and wall mount type.
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Fabricated steel material HDG – square attachment plate, bottom plate for lighting junction boxes
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Safety equipment - rescue kit, first aid kit, etc
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif IC structural cabling cabinet
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Local motor operated valve (MOV) pane
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Miscellaneous materials
• Cable strap in aluminum w/PVC coated
• Counter bed, galvanized steel
• HV terminal lugs, LV terminal lugs
• Cable marker plate, stainless steel
• Cable marker K-type marker 
• Cable marker carrier strip for K-type marker 
• PVC tape, scotch 33 or equivalent 
• Expansion form, Hilti CF116-45 with CF-FA1 
• Fire stop mortar, Hilti CP636 
• Duct seal
• Cable route marker, stainless steel
• Cable clamp, galvanized steel
• Cable cleats
• Cable tie, stainless steel or PVC coated, nylon
  (u/v protected)
• Embossed press machine for cable marker plate
• Wire marker (tube) hot marker
• Electronic lettering machine & ribbon, case
• Self bonding tape, scotch 23 or equivalent
• Fire stop, Hilti CP620
• Zinc paint & thinner
• Binding wire w/PVC coated
• Flexible braid bonding, tin plated

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