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/backgrounds/butt_arrowb.gif WORLDWIDE MATERIAL PROCUREMENT
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/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Installation Material – instrument stanchion, HDG, sunshade, FRP, nameplate (laminated plastic, stainless steel), mounting bracket HDG, support attachment plate
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Instrument junction box, Field bus Junction box – stainless steel, GRP
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Tubing material
• tubing - SS304, SS316/316L, monel, hastelloy, incoloy, etc
• tube coil – copper, SS316/316L, monel, etc
• tube fittings, gauge block, valve block, lap-joint – SS316, brass, monel, etc
• needle valve, ball valve – SS316
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Condense port, seal pot, vent plug, bubble tube assembly
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Tube tray, fittings & accessories – SS304 and SS316
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Punched angle, connector bolt and accessories, SS304 or SS316
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Tracing tube and accessories, SS316
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Manual alarm call point, fire fighting switch, ESD switch, hand switch, equipment safety switch
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Local control panel
/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Miscellaneous materials
• Pig tails 
• Terminal block, weidmuller 
• Pin type insulated terminal lug 
• Patch cord, fibre optic, single or multi mode
• Route marker
• Ferrules
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