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/backgrounds/butt_arrowb.gif WORLDWIDE MATERIAL PROCUREMENT
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/backgrounds/butt_arrowg.gif Pipe & Pipe Fittings
• Wide range of pipes from ¼” to 36”
• Flanges, reducing flange – blind flange, slip-on, lap-joint, socket weld, threaded and welding neck
• Butt weld fittings – cap, elbow, nipple, reducer, tee and stud end
• Forged fittings – threaded & socket weld end for elbow, tee, nipple, plug, coupling, cap, bushing, union & branch fittings
• Valve – cast/forged carbon steel and stainless steel; type: gate, globe, angle, swing check, piston, check, ball valves,     steam trap, gauge, etc
• Air manifold
• Gaskets – all types of gaskets

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